No New Borderlands Coming to Nintendo Switch

It looks like the next installment in the ever-popular “Borderlands” franchise will not be making an appearance on the Nintendo Switch anytime soon.

When asked about the possibility of the next Borderlands coming to the Switch, Randy Pitchford, CEO of Borderlands developer Gearbox Software, was quoted saying “I do not see that as happening. We were talking to Nintendo, but that stopped for some reason. They have other priorities.”

Borderlands 3 was confirmed almost a year ago at PAX East 2016, but Pitchford did say that it may not necessarily be called that. He did say, however, that newest installment was being made from the ground up for next-gen consoles (meaning the PS4, Xbox One, and probably PC). Unfortunately, it is looking like that does not include the Switch.

Neither Gearbox Software nor Borderlands publisher Take-Two Interactive has confirmed a release date for the next Borderlands at this time. However, 2K (Take-Two’s parent company) has confirmed that they would be on the new Nintendo console with an NBA 2K game.

Nintendo has been getting some flak recently for having a less-than-stellar launch lineup for the Switch’s release on March 3rd. That is why letting these kinds of talks with Gearbox fall through is a little baffling to me. Borderlands has a die hard fan base, and after the rousing success of Tales From the Borderlands, the Switch would have done very well to have the next major installment confirmed on the console, in my opinion. It almost makes one wonder what Nintendo’s “other priorities” are.

That being said, Borderlands is admittedly not a traditionally “Nintendo” game. Every Borderlands game that has been released has been rated M for Mature, and for good reason. Maybe Nintendo does not see the game as a good fit for the Switch. I would have guessed that having Borderlands would have boded well for their campaign that is seemingly geared towards the average gamer, but maybe they see Borderlands being for the slightly too hardcore.