OpTic Gaming GoW Wins Atlantic City Open

The Atlantic City Open took place this past weekend and OpTic Gaming took first place, winning $70,000.

OpTic faced Team EnVyUs in the grand finals in an intense two-series matchup. EnVy was able to take the first series 2-0, which reset the bracket. However, OpTic was able to best EnVy in the second series and win the tournament.

OpTic and EnVy have been huge rivals in Gears of War over the last few months, so this was an intense matchup in the grand finals.

The first series was extremely close, with EnVy winning 7-5 on Reclaimed, and then just barely squeaking past OpTic on Dam to win 7-6.

After the first series, OpTic regrouped and dominated the first map on Foundation 7-3. The next map was Dam, and it was another close match. This time, however, OpTic was able to push past EnVyUs and win the map 7-6.

For full placement results, see below.



Author: Zac Lebeau

I play video games n' stuff =D

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