Cloud9 CS:GO Wins iBUYPOWER Spring Invitational

On Sunday, April 2, Cloud9 won the iBUYPOWER 2017 Spring Invitational, beating out OpTic Gaming 2-0 in the grand finals. Cloud9 took $10,000 for their first place finish.

The invitational featured 8 teams fighting for a $16,000 prize pool in a best-of-three single elimination bracket. Cloud9, OpTic Gaming, Luminosity Gaming, Team Liquid, Misfits, NRG, Selfless Gaming, and complexity Gaming all participated in the event.

Map 1 was played on Cobble, and Cloud9 was able to take it with relative ease 16-8. However, map 2 on Mirage went into 2 overtimes, but C9 was once again came out on top.

Cloud9 was led by Stewie2k on Mirage who had an absolutely stunning performance. Stewie2k ended the match with 33 frags and 24 deaths, followed by N0thing at 29-26.

See below for full placement results.


Author: Zac Lebeau

I play video games n' stuff =D

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