Former PNDA Gaming CoD Players to Represent New Organization

FA5TBALLA and Prophet, formerly of PNDA Gaming, have just revealed that they will be representing a new organization in Call of Duty eSports. They will now be playing for Carbon Six.

PNDA Gaming has been one of the more prominent teams that have been on the bubble as of late in competitive Call of Duty. They have held their own against the top teams in Call of Duty, almost beating OpTic Gaming at MLG Atlanta.

However, being on the bubble comes with some risks. Namely, if you don’t place well at a single tournament, you can lose your spot. Unfortunately for PNDA, that’s exactly what happened at MLG Dallas.

PNDA got a tough draw and ended up placing third in their pool. They started the tournament in loser’s bracket, and would have been able to retain their Pro League spot if they won a couple matches in loser’s bracket. However, Mindfreak beat them in their first match and sent them home.

After this lose and the forfeit of their Pro League spot, the team split up on March 22nd.

As of now, there is no news on the other two players that will fill out the Carbon Six roster, but we will be keeping you guys updated as soon as more information is available!

Carbon Six is challenging for a Global Pro League spot in CWL Stage 2 and will also be competing at MLG Anaheim June 10-12.

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Author: Zac Lebeau

I play video games n' stuff =D

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