Virtus.Pro Secures Final Place in ECS Season 3

Virtus.Pro has secured the final spot in the European division of ECS Season 3, beating out Space Soldiers 3-1 in their final matchup.

The two teams met on Train for map 1, where Virtus was able to win in overtime 19-17. However, Space Soldiers were not going down without a fight, and answered back with a 16-8 win over Virtus on Inferno.

Map 3 was on Overpass, which also went into overtime. Once again, Virtus was able to clutch up and come out with a win. Virtus was then able to take map 4 on mirage 16-13.

With this 3-1 win over Space Soldiers, Virtus.Pro was able to secure a spot in ECS Season 3 after a disappointing 9th place finish in season 2. With all spots filled, the European division of ECS Season 3 has been decided.

Full list of teams below.

ECS Season 3 European Division

  • Denmark Astralis
  • Europe Dignitas
  • france EnVyUs
  • Europe FaZe Clan
  • sweden Fnatic
  • france G2 Esports
  • sweden Godsent
  • germany Mousesports
  • sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • poland Virtus.Pro


Author: Zac Lebeau

I play video games n' stuff =D

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