jasonR to Fill In For OpTic Gaming CS:GO

On March 28th, it was revealed on Twitter that jasonR will be the newest player to sub in for OpTic Gaming after Stanislaw’s departure.In February, Stanislaw left OpTic to join Team Liquid. OpTic had just won in the E-League season 2 finals, so Stan’s move was really shocking for many fans.

Since his departure, former Team Liquid member, Hiko, has filled in for OpTic, but it was apparent that the two team’s play styles just would not mesh in the long run.

OpTic has also used former Cloud9 member, Freakazoid, to play in an ESL Pro League match.

OpTic Gaming’s CS:GO team has also been having internal troubles with other players. Both Mixwell and Rush have been reportedly looking for other opportunities with different teams.

Rush was reportedly ready to make a switch when the door was closed at the very last second. Whether this was caused by negotiating issues with the other team or whether OpTic Gaming’s Owner, Hector Rodriguez, was able to convince him to stay is unclear.

jasonR is the latest player to sub in for OpTic after these internal troubles, and the team will continue to play in ESL Pro League for North America. However, he has not played competitively since September 2016.

jasonR will also be taking over as in-game leader for OpTic during his stint with the team.

OpTic is set to play at CS_Summit in Los Angeles starting April 20th, so we will see how everything comes together then!



Author: Zac Lebeau

I play video games n' stuff =D

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