eSports Report: MLG Dallas 2017 Day Two Results

Day two has come to and end, and it’s time to look back and see how everything has shaped up! With the open bracket winners being introduced into pool play, there have been some huge upsets in individual pools. After these matches, first two rounds of the winner’s bracket were played and produced some interesting results.

First, let’s take a look at the pool play standings.

Gosu Crew came out of the open bracket to challenge Pool A in pool play, and they were on fire. They quickly won their first 3 series against Tainted Minds, Red Reserve, and most surprisingly, Team EnVyus.

They even managed to win their first map against OpTic Gaming, effectively ending OpTic’s 24 map win streak!

However, OpTic came out strong in the map two Search and Destroy winning 6-2, and carried that momentum into the subsequent Uplink and Hardpoint to win the series 4-1.

The Gosu Crew finished pool play in an impressive second place with a record of 3-1.

Team Kaliber was the second team that came out of the open bracket, but they did not fare quite as well as Gosu Crew did. They finished pool play at 1-3, but that does mean TK will be able to fight it out in the loser’s bracket tomorrow.

Despite their last place pool play finish, Team Kaliber did come out huge against the first place team, eUnited, and beat them in a game five Search and Destroy.

Set to Destroy X also came out of pool play and managed to finish with a respectable 2-2, and the chance to play in the loser’s bracket tomorrow. STDX did not manage to beat either of the top two teams in the pool, but they did manage to best both Fnatic and Team Elevate.

Their win over Team Elevate has placed them in last in the pool, so they will have a long day in loser’s bracket tomorrow.

The final team to fight their way out of open bracket was team ERA. Unfortunately for them, they did not manage to take a single series in pool play, and finished with a record of 0-4.

Winner’s Bracket Round 1

Luminosity vs. OpTic was an interesting match. In the first two maps, LG clearly had the upper hand and pretty big leads. In Hardpoint, they had a 100 point lead after the first rotation of hills, and even into the second. In Search and Destroy, they had the upper hand 5-2.

However, they just could not close either map, and OpTic was able to claw their way back in both instances. Despite this, Luminosity was able to bring the series back 2-2 after winning Uplink and another Hardpoint.

This set the stage for an interesting map 5, but LG’s Search and Destroy game leaves something to be desired. OpTic was clearly more than a match for them on Crusher, and took the series.

Cloud9 won the first Hardpoint came against Splyce, but Bance and Zer0 showed up huge in the next three maps. After the first map, Splyce won three straight maps.

They secured a pretty easy series 3-1 against Cloud 9 when they 100 point-clubbed them in game 4.

I had predicted before the match that FaZe would be given a lot of trouble by the young upstarts, The Gosu Crew. It turned out that I was more than correct.

The series went back and forth between the two, as Maux rallied his team against the veteran pros on FaZe. Eventually, FaZe was able to take the series against TGS, but not before the damage had been done.

If the Gosu Crew can do this well against a top 3 team, I’m expecting them to do very well in the loser’s bracket.

In eUnited vs Enigma6, eU absolutely smacked E6 in the first Hardpoint 250-100. The map was completely one-sided and gave eUnited a lot of momentum going into Search and Destroy.

That momentum, however, was shut down when E6 clutched a round 11 to tie the series 1-1. Unfortunately, they could not translate that into any more wins, and ended up losing the next two maps. eUnited took the series 3-1.

Loser’s Bracket Rounds 1, 2, and 3


Tournament Predictions

MLG Dallas has had some huge matches so far, and I only think they’re going to get bigger from here on out.

First, in the winner’s bracket, we have OpTic vs. Splyce in heat one. I think it’s pretty safe to say that OpTic will win this match-up. Splyce has had a strong outing in Dallas, but OpTic just seems unstoppable at this point.

Both OpTic and Splyce came out of their pools at 4-0, but when I look at the caliber of teams that both teams have faced, I have to say that OpTic has had more quality matches. And what’s more is that they’ve only lost 3 maps.

OpTic finally lost a map after the insane streak that they were on, but it does not seem to have phased them, as they are still playing at such a high level.

In heat two, FaZe will face off against eUnited. I cannot imagine a scenario where Faze does not come out on top here.

eUnited did win the last MLG event, but they have really been struggling as of late. FaZe came out of their pool flawless, whereas eUnited finished at 3-1, and their loss was a particularly tough one. They lost in game 5 against Team Kaliber, who came out of the open bracket.

eUnited has the potential to be compete with these top-tier North American teams, but right now, FaZe is just too hot to be beaten by them.

This will leave an OpTic vs. FaZe match for the winner’s bracket finals, and I’m sticking with my prediction that OpTic is going to take the tournament, so I’m going to say that they will win this match-up.

In loser’s bracket, there’s actually a couple of interesting matches.

First, I think The Gosu Crew is going to win their match against Evil Geniuses. They came out of open bracket on absolute fire. Not only did they stop OpTic’s flawless 24 map win streak, but they also gave FaZe a serious run for their money.

I actually think that The Gosu Crew is going to make it to the loser’s bracket finals. They have shown that they can hang and go the distance with these top teams.

It’s pretty clear that Enigma6 is going to win their match against Red Reserve with the way that RR has been playing this weekend. Red Reserve struggled in pool play, where as E6 has been competitive in every single match they’ve had this weekend.

I do not think E6 will be able to best The Gosu Crew in the following match, however.

EnVyus against Cloud9 should be a very interesting match, but I can’t see C9 winning. EnVy had a really tough pool, and I think they got sucker punched with how good The Gosu Crew is.

Not only did TGC come out hot, but EnVy was also cold, as it was their first match of the day. I think EnVy comes out fresh tomorrow and sends Cloud9 home.

I think that Mindfreak has been having a tough time against the top-tier teams at MLG Dallas, and there is no question that Luminosity is one of those teams.

LG has been dominant in their respawn gametypes, and I think they roll over Mindfreak in Hardpoint and Uplink, leaving them demoralized for the Search and Destroys.

Who do you think will take MLG Dallas? Let us know in the poll below!


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