eSports Report: MLG Dallas 2017 Day One Results

Day One of MLG Dallas is in the books! This is where we’re going to break down how pool play went, how tomorrow’s bracket will look, and we will talk predictions for the rest of the weekend.

OpTic Gaming took Pool A without much of a fight on Day 1 of MLG Dallas. They have not dropped a single map yet, 3-0ing their entire pool and finishing on top with a 3-0 record.

Conversely, Tainted Minds hasn’t put up much of a fight at all, winning only one of the 10 maps they have played so far.

Both Red Reserve and Team EnVyus have has strong outings so far this weekend as well. Both teams handedly beat Tainted Minds, and then went to a map 5 when they played each other.

As expected, eUnited has taken their pool 3-0. eUnited is one of the strongest North American teams, and beat OpTic Gaming back in MLG Atlanta after OpTic’s insane losers bracket run. They even beat Cloud9 with an impressive 3-1 map count.

Cloud9 is looking very strong as well, however. Lacefield and Aches have definitely showed up this weekend and were able to clutch up in a game 5 Search and Destroy against Mindfreak.

Mindfreak may have finished last in their pool, but it’s not for lack of trying. The team has played two series that have gone to game 5, but just run out of steam in the final Search and Destroy.

In Pool C, Faze Clan finished in first, winning two of their matches 3-1, and beating Luminosity in game 5.

Elevate just hasn’t shown up this weekend. They were able to take one map in every series they played, but they have not been able to carry that momentum into the next maps, unfortunately.

There isn’t too much else to say about these matches, as it is arguably the weakest pool of the tournament.

Pool D has a lot of upsets going on. It is shocking to see PNDA at third in their pool, and Enigma6 in second. I really would have expected Enigma to finish last here, but it looks like Rise Nation just can’t clutch up in their game 5’s this weekend.

Splyce is definitely the best European team, so it’s not too shocking to see them finish first in Pool D, but the fact that they have only lost 3/12 maps is pretty impressive.

Pool D has to be the toughest pool of the tournament, so some upsets could be expected coming from such strong competition.

Tournament Predictions

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m an OpTic fan. I’ve been watching their videos for about 10 years now ever since they started uploading sniper videos on Call of Duty 4. So maybe take what I’m about to say with a grain of salt…

I think OpTic is either going to take this tournament, or give whoever wins a SERIOUS run for their money. They having been looking absolutely dominant for the past couple LAN events.

First, in MLG Atlanta, they had an unbelievable losers bracket run. Sure, they lost their first match after pool play and dropped into the losers bracket, but OpTic has always been a team that gets better as the tournament goes on. The more they play, the better they play, and the snowball effect keeps their momentum going from match to match.

From the loser’s bracket, they made it all the way to the grand finals. Unfortunately (for OpTic fans anyway) they ended up losing even after they reset the bracket with a 3-0 map win against eUnited. Even still, they took eUnited to a map 5.

Crimsix coolly described the last LAN tournament, ESWC Paris, as “practice” and it seemed like they were taking that practice seriously. OpTic did not drop a single map in the winner’s bracket of that tournament, finishing the weekend at a 15-3 map count.

OpTic has won ESWC Paris 3 years in a row, and Crimsix has won it five times in a row.

Fast forward to pool play at MLG Dallas, and OpTic hasn’t lost a single map yet. They’re 3-0 in pool play, which makes them 7-0 in their last seven LAN matches, and 21-0 in their last seven LAN maps.

The best part about those stats is that OpTic looks completely calm, cool, and collected after every win. It’s business as usual over there, and I’m sure that puts a little bit of a chill in their opponent’s spines every match.

There is no question that OpTic Gaming has been dominating Infinite Warfare, and I’m expecting them to take MLG Dallas with flying colors.

Who do you think will take MLG Dallas? Let us know in the poll below!


Author: Zac Lebeau

I play video games n' stuff =D

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