Injustice 2 Beta Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

WB Games has just announced that their highly anticipated fighting game Injustice 2 will have a beta. Players can go here to sign up for the beta on PS4 and Xbox One. There is no information on when the beta will start, how many players will be accepted, or how long the beta will last yet.

Injustice 2 also made headlines recently when NeatherRealm Studios released the story trailer just two days ago, and is set to release on May 16, 2017.

With the beta coming so close to release, I would expect a high level of polish even if it is a “beta.” Unfortunately, we don’t know how long the beta will last. This can be very telling information. If it does not last long, it is a pretty safe bet that the beta is just a marketing tool to hype the game and maybe to find a few bugs here and there. However, if the beta lasts maybe a week, we know that NeatherRealm really wants to stress test this game hard and give it that extra layer of polish.

I am not a big fan of fighting games (in fact, I’m pretty terrible at them), but Injustice is one of the few that I thoroughly enjoyed. I signed up as soon as the news hit about the beta, as there is no information on how many players will gain access as of yet. If accepted, players will receive a code in their email for the console of their choice. So make sure you sign up ASAP before spots are filled!

As a side note, readers of GameTradersUSA will be able to watch yours truly live steam the beta as soon as it goes live. Any broadcasts will also be archived here if you miss the streams! Make sure to stay tuned to GameTradersUSA for any and all Injustice 2 news!



Author: Zac Lebeau

I play video games n' stuff =D

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